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Library Expectations

In the library, we follow the Ranger Way:

Be Safe


-Hands/Feet to yourself


Be Respectful

-Quiet voices

-Treat books, equipment & others kindly

Be Responsible

-Return books on time

-Read after checkout

-Follow expectations

Destiny Library Catalog

Library Policies
Check-Out Policy
Lost Book Policy
Students checkout books once a week with their class.  The library is open on M,W,F for students to utilize if they miss their checkout day.
Students may renew books as long as there isn’t a hold placed on it by another student.

If books are lost, they can be paid for or replaced with the same title.

If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Person, our District Elementary Librarian, at

[email protected]

Weekly Class Schedule
Students attend library 30 minutes per week for a lesson and check-out.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Swanson   Walters
Carlson   McPherson   Slavin
Boswell   Axelson   George
Bellmer   Heinz   Stone
DeAugustine   Kipling AM   Pederson
Foster   Hope   Killingsworth
George   Huffman   Lee
    Roggenkamp   Joyce
    Packard   Williams
    Kipling PM   Toney
    Wheeler   Young